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Sales Order Entry

Whether it's the need to scan a barcode, quickly create an order or present a stellar product presentation, EMUN is your best-in-class solution for sales automation. Designed to make the buying and selling experience fast and streamlined, yet packed with all the functionality you need. Whatever your business process is for pricing, discounting, and promoting your product, EMUN will adapt to your needs. We will help you make the most out of every moment you have with your customers. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

We're not your typical CRM. EMUN is not simply a contact management system. Truly manage the entire lifecycle of your prospects and customers. Know what they buy, when they buy and why. What are the trends? Visibility into all activity about your accounts. Not only what has been done, but what hasn't been done. Easily import & distribute prospect data. Track true conversion and touch rates. Get a better grip on managing the performance and behavior of your sales team. 

Commission Tracking

EMUN handles all of the day to day business requirements for or a Manufacturers Rep Agency. Multi-Vendor management. Entering Manufacturers Invoices. Produce commission statements for sales reps. Manage the dynamics of the territories you cover whether regionally, nationally or internationally. Strengthen the relationship with your vendors through tighter vendor integration, electronic transmission of orders and easily trasmit data to and from your vendors securely. 

Sales Analysis

The data you generate or store in EMUN is yours. And we give you a plethora of really nice ways to view it. We have multiple dashboard views across all of our products that can be configured with the critical information you want in front of your team daily. There are numerous canned reports that provide quick snapshots of information at a click. EMUN gives you flexible "quick-reports" also, that are dynamic and specific to the criteria you need to run your business. Export to PDF & Excel capabilities. EMUN's reporting & analysis tools can be as simple or comprehensive as you need, guaranteed. 

A welcome addition to your Sales Team.

Let EMUN help you grow your business today...