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Whether you’re a Sales Agency or a Manufacturer/Wholesaler, EMUN provides all the necessary tools for sales strategy and management. If you’re a manufacturer/wholesaler, EMUN becomes an extension of your back-office system. Push and pull data integration gives you great visibility into the information needed to analyze and grow your business and feed order and account information back into your ERP system. For a sales agency, EMUN is not only your sales order automation software, but your back-office solution for day to day business processes, i.e. entering manufacturing invoices, calculating commissions, and managing your territories. Here is a quick look at some of the functionality:

  • Commission Tracking Software (for Sales Agencies)
    • Entering Manufacturing Invoices
    • Commission Splits / Adjustments
    • Manage Territories / Regions / Divisions
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Product Management
  • Customer Management
  • Ideal for Inside Sales / Customer Service / Management / Reps in the field
  • Reporting / Analysis: (dashboard, quick-reports, flexible grid layouts, & export capabilities)
  • Performance Management
  • Activity Management
  • Sales Order & Invoice Review (including historical data)
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Prospect Management - import / distribute prospect lists easily, get a true look at conversion rate
  • Catalog Management - manage hotpsot catalogs and product groupings 
  • Promotion Management