This page (this “Privacy Policy”) lays out our policies and procedures surrounding the collection and handling of information that is captured through our sites that identifies an individual user or that could be used to contact or locate him or her (“Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”).

This Privacy Policy applies only to our Web users and to the products and services provided through our sites. It does not apply to any third party site or service linked to our sites or recommended or referred by our sites, through our products or services, or by our staff. And it does not apply to any other website, product, or service operated by our company, or to any of our offline activities.

A. PII We Collect

We collect the following Personally Identifiable Information from users who use our products or services: name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, and credit card number.

We also use “cookies” to authentication tokens that reference certain information from all users, including Web visitors who don’t buy anything through our Website. A cookie is a string of data our system sends to your computer and then uses to identify your computer when you return to our Website. Cookies give us usage data, like how often you visit, where you go at the site, and what you do.  No PII is stored in the browser, identity is based on the authentication code stored in the “cookies”.

B. Our Use of PII

We use cookies so that our Website can remember you and provide you with the information you’re most likely to need. For instance, when you return to our Website, cookies identify you, through the authentication code, and prompt the site to provide your username (not your password), so you can sign in more quickly.  We also use information gained through cookies to compile statistical information about use of our sites, such as the time users spend at the site and the pages they visit most often. Those statistics do not include PII.

D. Contractor and Other Third Party Access to PII

As noted above, we compile Site usage statistics from data collected through cookies. We may publish those statistics or share them with third parties, but they don’t include PII.

E. Amendment of This Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new version on this page or on a successor page. The new version will become effective on the date it’s posted, which will be listed at the top of the page as the new Effective Date.